Ever since "Rioasis" opened its doors in Jaco (Costa Rica), on the 18th of September in 1993, it has become a favourite destination for locals, as well as guests coming from all parts of the world. The restaurant became immediately popular with its authentic Italian pizzas and Mexican foods. In the early days it was located by a site that is now known as "The Green Room" where it served guests for around 10 years. Next, the restaurant relocated near the local Bus Terminal where it operated around 5 years. Finally, in 2015, we found the perfect spot in Jaco Centrum by the Rioasis River. At the end of 2019, we started offering breakfast meals.

Italian / Costarican - Family Restaurant - Pizzeria - Bar

We bake and prepare most of our own ingredients:

We have lots of fresh fish brought from fishermen at Puntarenas and Tarcoles:


Our staff mostly is working from beginning of open Restaurant: